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Apart from the health and wellbeing ideas listed below Wealden District Council also provides a Healthy Wealden website which you can view here:- or follow and like the Healthy Wealden Facebook page at for updated health and wellbeing information, events and campaigns in Wealden.

Move more and sit less


We all know that we need to be more active and that we need to spend less time sitting down. Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat.

Burning 3,500 calories is equivalent to losing about one pound of body fat. However, to lose a pound of fat, you have to burn 3,500 more calories that you eat. You can achieve this over the course of a week by:


  • burning 500 extra calories per day, while keeping your calorie intake constant
  • maintaining your current activity level while reducing your food consumption by 500 calories per day


So now is the time to take advantage of Uckfield’s green spaces. They are free and on your doorstep. We have some different suggestions for you here to help you #GetActiveInUckfield.

Always remember if it has been a while since you have exercised and/or you have health issues or concerns, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

Photo of adults using the adult gym equipment Hempstead Lane Uckfield
Aerial photo of Uckfield High Street to show the perimeter walk

High Street Circuit


Get fit while you do your shopping. Walking a circuit of the High Street from the Bell Lane junction up to the Hooke Hall bus stop (just past the Broadway) and back down again is just over 1km or 1,500 steps. This is the perfect way to #GetActiveInUckfield without even realising you are doing it. With all the wonderful shop windows to look at on your way around you won’t even notice how far you have walked!

Luxford Field


Situated conveniently behind the main High Street and car park, Luxford Field is the ideal place for a short perimeter walk. Try it out in your lunch hour.

Walking two full circuits of Luxford Field in your lunchtime takes less than 10 minutes and covers just under 1km and 1,500 steps. Do that Monday to Friday and you will have walked 5km.

Aerial photo of Luxford field to show the perimeter walk
Aerial photo of Ridgewood Recreation Ground to show the perimeter walk

Ridgewood Recreation Ground


Located off New Road in the Ridgewood area of Uckfield, Ridgewood Recreation Ground offers plenty of opportunities to increase your activity levels in beautiful surroundings. The perimeter walk around the main field is just over 550 metres long which will be around 750 steps for the average strider. Walking at around 4mph, two full circuits of Ridgewood Recreation Ground could be completed in just under 15 minutes. This would cover just over 1km or 1500 steps for those of you using step counters.

Beyond the main field is the Uckfield Millennium green providing further spaces to explore. This area is run by a local charitable trust and more details can be found on their website –

Victoria Pleasure Ground


Victoria Pleasure Ground is situated behind New Town accessed via Old Timbers Lane. It is a large green space with plenty of parking available. There are a number of walks that could be undertaken here. If you walk Circuit 1 (red line on the map opposite) you will walk approximately 650 metres or 850 steps. The advantage of this walk is that there is a concrete path around the perimeter which can be walked in all weathers and is good for pushchairs.

If you are feeling really energetic then extend your walk to cover Circuit 2 (yellow line on the map opposite). Completing this circuit will mean you have walked about 1.5km or 2000 steps. Think of all the calories you could burn doing that one!

Aerial photo of Victoria Pleasure Ground to show the perimeter walks
Aerial photo of West Park Recreation ground to show the perimeter walk

West Park Recreation Ground


Accessed via Batchelor Way and Markland Way off the B2102, West Park Recreation Ground is another popular green space in Uckfield. The perimeter walk around the two football pitches is 700 metres long or just under 1,000 steps.

There are apps available for smart phones or tablet devices that can help record your steps and calories burned. Why not take a look on your appstore to find out more!

Useful Links

East Sussex County Council circular walks – provides printable leaflets of circular walks in East Sussex ranging from 1 – 9 miles. There are over 35 walks to choose from covering all of East Sussex.

Walking in Wealden – lists 20 downloadable Wealden Walks in total varying from 4 to 12 miles in length, with at least one passing through every parish. There are 20 Wealden Walks in total varying from 4 to 12 miles in length, with at least one passing through every parish. Using over 150 miles of the existing public rights of way network they have provided a means of viewing and understanding Wealden’s natural and historic landscapes. The walks are graded from 1 – very easy to 4 – more difficult.

Ashdown Forest Health walks – meet every Wednesday for walks on Ashdown Forest lasting no more than one hour. The routes are generally easy although uneven terrain and mud cannot always be avoided. The meeting points for each walk are listed on their website

Walking for health – provides a search facility to find walks in your area and provides advice on walking with a health condition. Includes opportunities to volunteer to be a walk leader.

NHS Walking for health – with lots of useful advice on walking for health.

Walk4life – a subscription app that allows you to search for walks, find a group, track you progress, create your own walks and take a challenge – all for £5 a year

Walking in England – provides free downloadable walks around the Uckfield area (and over Sussex)

photo of a pair of feet and autumn leaves

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