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Priority Services Register 

We offer extra assistance through our Priority Services Register, which is free to join.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

We offer a range of special services – not only for those with mobility restrictions, but also for our customers who have additional needs such as a hearing or sight impairment, disabled or suffering from a long or short term illness.

How will this scheme help?

Special services include:

  • Receiving prior warning of planned work which may interrupt your water supply.
  • Receive priority treatment should your water supply be interrupted (we aim to arrange an alternative source as quickly as possible, and willoften hand-deliver bottled drinking water to our customers with mobility issues).
  • Receive important information in a more convenient format, such as easy-to-read large print or the spoken word, where our normal presentation style is not suitable.
  • Register your own spoken or written password for our staff to use so that customers can identify them if we need to call at your home.
  • Receive information about specialist organisations which are able to provide advice on possible adaptations to water fittings and appliances around the home.
  • If English isn’t your first language we may be able to help you with our interpretation service when you call.


To register for priority services, please visit www.southeastwater.co.uk/get-help/help-for-priority-customers or call 0800 952 4000


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