New digital inclusion project for Sussex

Citizens Online is a UK charity helping ensure the switch to online doesn’t exclude people. Sarah Collyer, Digital Champion Coordinator – Sussex, wants to let you know about a new free Helpline they have launched to help people who need assistance with digital skills.

If you know of anyone in your community who needs help with basic digital skills, gaining confidence online or support getting online they can all their FREE helpline on 0808 196 5883.  One of their team of trained digital champions will offer friendly, patient support over the phone.

Sarah says: “ We all recognise how isolating the pandemic has been for many within our society. Accessing our basic needs from ordering groceries, making doctors’ appointments and claiming benefits has all moved online. Being online can also mean chatting with your loved ones and being lifted by the smile of familiar faces. Once online you can also explore your hobbies and open up a whole new world in a safe environment.”

During the first lockdown, John was isolating in his warden-managed accommodation.  Whilst he was happy there for many months, he hadn’t been able to see his family including grandchildren and great grandchildren, some of whom he had never seen before. With the help of his family and organisations such as Citizens Online, John can now talk to his family through a simple device, and is enjoying a new lease of life as he stays connected despite what is happening around us all. His brother said, “Seeing John’s face light up when communicating with his family was very emotional”.

Visit www.citizensonline.org.uk for more information.

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