West Park Local Nature Reserve – temporary closure of one sectionWest Park Local Nature Reserve map showing closed pathway

One of the main footpaths within West Park Local Nature Reserve, Uckfield will be temporarily closed from Monday 23 August 2021 for a period of two weeks to allow maintenance works to be carried out.

Pedestrian access from Saunders Close and the main boardwalk, will be closed for the duration of the works however the sheep field gate will remain open for access from Saunders Close into the southern section of the reserve.

All other routes into the reserve such as Egles Grove, Hart Close and Princes Close will remain open including the footpath on the northern edge (shaded green on the map) however in cases of limited mobility please do take care and ensure the ground conditions are assessed before you take this route into the reserve, to ensure safe footing.

Contractors are familiar with working in these surroundings, and will be sensitive to the wildlife of the reserve. We also understand the inconvenience these temporary works will cause, but the Town Council is keen to complete this maintenance whilst the weather conditions are fair to reduce the likelihood of issues in the autumn/winter months.

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