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    New Road Hedge Cutting

    With winter generally considered the best time to prune and trim hedges, we will soon start the process of cutting the farm-style hedges in New Road, Ridgewood, in hard and harsh fashion.
    The hard-cut hedge will be better for the cut in the long-term for the following reasons:
    • It will help to thicken the hedges in the future, giving them a neat and tidy look. It encourages healthier growth and can help promote more flowers or berries if the hedge is of a flowering or fruiting variety, as well as opening up more space for other plants and trees to thrive.
    • It can help to keep invasive species and pests from entering areas by preventing them from having a foothold. Unkept hedges can provide a habitat for pests and diseases, which could be detrimental to the overall health of the landscape. Regularly trimming and cutting the hedges keeps them in check and make it less hospitable for pests and diseases.
    • It helps to keep the hedge from becoming too large and unruly. When hedges are overgrown, they can become denser, which can make it difficult for air to circulate in and around them. Regular trimming will help keep the branches and foliage in check, which in turn will allow more air to flow through the hedge, keeping it healthy and preventing disease and pest issues.
    • They can block out the sun. Regular trimming of hedges ensures that sunlight can reach plant/grass etc., allowing them to get the vital sunshine they need to thrive and grow.

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