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    Pipers Field Volunteers Work Wonders

    Throughout the last few months, something rather special has been happening in a corner of Uckfield that will be familiar to so many of us.

    Whether you live nearby or usually pass through by car, the previously overgrown hedges between the Highlands Inn and Ridgewood Post Office will have caught many people’s eyes.

    Thanks to the efforts of the residents of Pipers Field and Highview Lane, however, these areas are now very much back under control – and are looking better than ever.

    After their recent achievements were published on their joint ‘Pipers Field’ Facebook group, we caught up with those involved to hear the full story.

    Mags Rose, one of the key members of the group, introduced us to the project by praising lead organiser, Lisa Eagle.

    Mags said: “Lisa started this [project] with the left-hand bank last year.

    “A small group of volunteers has grown each week, and with the positive feedback from residents and passers-by, we felt encouraged to tackle the more challenging opposite side.

    “A Pipers Field Facebook group has grown from this and a nice community spirit is developing.”

    Keeping the volunteer flag flying

    Of course, the community spirit enhanced by this project has already been one of the main successes and goes to show the power of volunteering.

    This follows on from the success of the Big Help Out, which started on the weekend of the King’s Coronation in 2023 and celebrated its second edition over the weekend of 7-9 June 2024.

    The Pipers Field residents stepped up in their area – which does not fall under County Council, District Council or Town Council authority due to being bought by a developer when the estate was originally built – and have had huge success by quickly organising and dividing their tasks.

    Lisa Eagle said: “To add, it was my husband Daniel and myself who started clearing the bank on the north side of Pipers Field last summer.

    “Our neighbours Tim, Donna and Kate Hills, and George and Ann Dishman, were also involved from the very beginning. Over time, Mags and a couple of other people then joined us.

    “We then continued to clear the whole of the bank and the left-hand side of the entrance to Pipers Field.

    “Lots of passers-by would say how lovely it looked and how much safer they felt walking along the pathway, especially at night. We noticed that the public were not littering as much too, which was great.

    “Nathan, my husband and I also cleared the bus stop area, sanding and oiling the bench which is now well-used.

    “We decided to have a go at clearing the bank on the south side of Pipers Field, although this is a considerably larger area and needed a lot more volunteers!

    “We have had a considerable amount of kind people taking part and it has been so heartwarming to see so many people get involved in this project.

    “Matt Cottingham at Stavertons has kindly donated two magnolia trees and all the grass seed to cover the top of the bank.”

    Ongoing progress

    Lisa also revealed the group’s plans to rotavate the area, and while they were looking for a machine at the time, they very quickly found one to continue the work at pace.

    The magnolia trees have now been planted and the grass seed sown, which should soon see the top area looking splendid in the summer months.

    With so many improvements to the pathways, signage, grass banks and overall atmosphere of the area, the group should be incredibly proud of themselves.

    Their work does not show any signs of ending either, as the Facebook group remains busy and ideas are always being discussed.

    We thank everyone involved in the project and wish them all the best with their continuing efforts to make the area look as brilliant as possible.

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